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The following Annual Personnel Notifications are available below for you to review. Just click on each one and review all the documents within each category:

Health and Safety Issues

  1. Injury and Illness Prevention Program (.pdf file)
  2. Asbestos Management Plan (.pdf file)
  3. Asbestos Report: Community Connection for Child Care (.pdf file)
  4. Asbestos Report: County Office (.pdf file)
  5. Hazard Communication Program (.pdf file)

New and Revised Policies

  1. Administration Of Medicine To Students Policy (.pdf file)
  2. Administration Of Medicine To Students Regulation (.doc file)
  3. Administering Medications and Monitoring Health Conditions (.pdf file)
  4. Comprehensive Safety Plan (.doc file)
  5. Employees with Infectious Disease policy (.pdf file)
  6. Access To County Office of Education Records (.pdf file)
  7. Accountability (.doc file)
  8. Complaints Concerning Discrimination In Employment (.doc file)
  9. Exposure Control Plan For Bloodborne Pathogens (.doc file)
  10. School-Sponsored Field Trips (.pdf file)
  11. Agenda/Meeting Materials (.pdf file)
  12. Meetings and Notices (.pdf file)
  13. Remuneration, Reimbursement And Other Benefits (.pdf file)
  14. Independent Study: Jill Kinmont Boothe School (.doc file)
  15. Interdistrict Transfer Appeal Procedures (.doc file)
  16. School Accountability Report Card (.pdf file)
  17. Student Expulsion Appeals (.doc file)
  18. Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures (.pdf file)
  19. Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures Regulation (.pdf file)

Child Abuse Reporting Requirements

  1. Child Abuse Reporting for Educators * * REQUIRED ANNUAL ONLINE TRAINING MODULE * * – Upon completion upload certificate to your NEOGOV account
  2. Child Abuse Reporting Procedures Policy (.pdf file)

Sexual Harassment Policy

Sexual Harassment (.pdf file)

Drug/Alcohol/Tobacco Policy

  1. Tobacco Free Schools (.pdf file)
  2. Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace (.pdf file)
  3. Smoking Cessation Services in Inyo County (.doc file)

Technology Policy

  1. Employee use of Technology (.pdf file)
  2. Student Use of Technology (.pdf file)

Worker’s Compensation

  1. Workers Compensation Claim Form (.pdf file)
  2. Primary Occupational Treatment Providers (.pdf file)
  3. SISC I Medical Provider Network Employee Handbook (.pdf file)


Paid Family Leave Factsheet (.pdf file)
Child Abuse Identification & Reporting Guidelines

Certificated Handbook

Certificated Handbook (.pdf file)