Board Policies

Board Policies
Title / Download Link Date
BP0470 COVID-19 Mitigation Plan 08/26/2020
BP9513 Tie Votes in Board Member Elections 09/11/2013
BP9510 County Board Elections 09/11/2013
BP9351 Meal Reimbursement for Board Members 09/11/2013
BP9350 Compensation Travel Expenses 09/11/2013
BP9326 Motions Journal – Maintaining the Minutes 09/11/2013
BP9325.4 Actions of the Board Requiring More Than a Majority Vote 09/11/2013
BP9324 Minutes and Recordings 09/11/2013
BP9323.2 Actions by the Board 09/11/2013
BP9323.1 Minutes Regular Board Meeting 09/11/2013
BP9323 Meeting Conduct 09/11/2013
BP9322 Agenda – Meeting Materials 09/11/2013
BP9321.1 Closed Session Conduct and Reports 09/10/2013
BP9321 Closed Session Purposes and Agendas 09/10/2013
BP9320 Meetings and Notices 09/10/2013
BP9314 Suspension of Policies, Bylaws and Regulations 09/10/2013
BP9313 Formulation, Approval, Amendment of Administrative Regulations 09/10/2013
BP9312 Formulation, Adoption, Amendment of Bylaws 09/10/2013
BP9311.1 Concerns by the Superintendent Relating to Board Policies or Motions 09/10/2013
BP9311 Formulation, Adoption, Amendment of Policies 09/10/2013
BP9300 Methods of Operation 09/10/2013
BP9270 Conflict of Interest 09/10/2013
BP9250 Remuneration, Reimbursement And Other Benefits 09/10/2013
BP9240 Development in Service 09/10/2013
BP9230 Board Candidate Orientation 09/10/2013
BP9224 Oath or Affirmation 09/10/2013
BP9223 Filling Vacancies 09/10/2013
BP9222 Resignation 09/10/2013
BP9220 Governing Board Elections 09/10/2013
BP9130 Board Committees 09/10/2013
BP9125 Legal Counsel to the County Board and Superintendent 09/10/2013
BP9124 Attorney 09/10/2013
BP9123 Secretary 09/10/2013
BP9122 Vice-President 09/10/2013
BP9121 President 09/10/2013
BP9120 Officers of the Board 09/10/2013
BP9111 Eligibility of Candidacy 09/10/2013
BP9110 Number of Regular Members and Terms of Office 09/10/2013
BP9100 Composition and Trustee Areas 09/10/2013
BP9012 Board Member Electronic Communication 09/10/2013
BP9010 Limits of Authority 09/10/2013
BP9005 Governance Standards 09/10/2013
BP9000 Role of the Board 09/10/2013
BP7700 Deferred Maintenance 09/10/2013
BP7630 Charges for Use of Facilities 09/10/2013
BP7620 Scheduling Use of Facilities 09/10/2013
BP7610 Non-Use of Facilities 09/10/2013
BP7600 Use of Facilities by Public 09/10/2013
BP7521 Inspection by Architect 09/10/2013
BP7520 Inspection of Completed Project 09/10/2013
BP7223 Land Use 09/10/2013
BP7220 Site Development 09/10/2013
BP7200 Designing 09/10/2013
BP7153.1 Environmental Impact Considerations 09/10/2013
BP7150 Relations with other Governmental Units 09/10/2013
BP7115 Developing Educational Specifications 09/10/2013
BP7113 Evaluating Existing Buildings 09/10/2013
BP7100 Planning 09/10/2013
BP7000 Concept and Rules in New Construction 09/10/2013
BP6321 Jill Kinmont Boothe School 09/10/2013
BP6320.1 County Advisory Committee 09/10/2013
BP6320 Curriculum Advisory Committee 09/10/2013
BP6182 Opportunity Class 09/10/2013
BP6180 Alternative Education 09/10/2013
BP6175 Vocational-Industrial Education 09/10/2013
BP6174 Education for English Language Learners 09/10/2013
BP6173.1 Education for Foster Youth 09/10/2013
BP6173 Education for Homeless Children 09/10/2013
BP6172 Home Teaching 09/10/2013
BP6164.11 Drugs, Tobacco, Alcohol 09/10/2013
BP6164.6 Identification under Section 504 revised 09/10/2013
BP6164.4 Identification and Evaluation for Special Education 09/10/2013
BP6163.4 Student Use of Technology 09/10/2013
BP6163.2 Animals at School 09/10/2013
BP6162.52 High School Exit Examination 09/10/2013
BP6162.7 Copyright Protection of Computer Programs 09/10/2013
BP6162.1 Use of Copyrighted Materials 09/10/2013
BP6162 Teacher Rental of VCR Tapes for Classroom Use 09/10/2013
BP6161.1 Selection & evaluation of instructional materials 09/10/2013
BP6159.4 Behavioral Interventions for Special Education Students 09/10/2013
BP6159.3 Appointment of Surrogate Parent for Special Education Students 09/10/2013
BP6159.2 Nonpublic Nonsectarian school and agency services for Special Education 09/10/2013
BP6159.1 Procedural Safeguards & Complaints for Special Ed. 09/10/2013
BP6159 Individualized Education Program 09/10/2013
BP6158 Independent study 09/10/2013
BP6153 School-sponsored field trips 09/10/2013
BP6146.4 Differential graduation for students 09/10/2013
BP6146.1 High school graduation requirements 09/10/2013
BP6146 Reciprocity on Standards of Proficiency_Graduation Requirements 09/10/2013
BP6145 Extracurricular and Co-curricular Activities 09/10/2013
BP6143 Courses of Study 09/10/2013
BP6142.91 Reading – Language Arts Instruction 09/10/2013
BP6141.6.1 Indian policies and procedures review 09/10/2013
BP6141 Bilingual – Bicultural Education 09/10/2013
BP6121 Affirmative Action_ Instruction Program 09/10/2013
BP6120 Objectives of the Instructional Program 09/10/2013
BP6115 ceremonies and observances 09/10/2013
BP6112 School Day 09/10/2013
BP6111 Academic Calendar 09/10/2013
BP6110 School Effectiveness 09/10/2013
BP6100.6 Handling of Questioned Materials 09/10/2013
BP6100.5 Restricted Audio-Visual Materials 09/10/2013
BP6100.4 Media Center Circulation 09/10/2013
BP6100.3 Audio-Visual Materials 09/10/2013
BP6100.2 School Library Bill of Rights 09/10/2013
BP6100.1 Media Materials Selection 09/10/2013
BP6100 Instructional Support Services 09/10/2013
BP6030 Integrated Academic and Vocational Instruction 09/10/2013
BP6010 Goals and Objectives 09/10/2013
BP6000 Concepts and Roles 09/10/2013
BP5149 At-Risk Students 09/10/2013
BP5145.12 Search and Seizure 09/10/2013
BP5145.7 Students – Sexual Harassment 09/10/2013
BP5145.6 Parental Notifications 09/10/2013
BP5145.3 Nondiscrimination_Harassment 09/10/2013
BP5145.2 freedom of speech-expression 09/10/2013
BP5144.3 Student Expulsion Appeals 09/10/2013
BP5144.2 Suspension and Expulsion Due Process (Students with Disabilities) 09/10/2013
BP5144.1 Suspension and Expulsion Due Process 09/10/2013
BP5144 Discipline 09/10/2013
BP5142 Safety 09/10/2013
BP5141.31 Immunizations 09/10/2013
BP5141.22 Infectious Diseases 09/10/2013
BP5141.21 Administering Medications and Monitoring Health Conditions 09/10/2013
BP5141.4 Child Abuse Reporting Procedures & Signed statement 09/10/2013
BP5141.3 Health Examinations 09/10/2013
BP5141.2 Health Care and Emergencies 09/10/2013
BP5141.1 Accidents 09/10/2013
BP5140 Welfare 09/10/2013
BP5135 Work Experience Education Opportunities 09/10/2013
BP5131.7 Weapons and Dangerous Instruments 09/10/2013
BP5131.6 Alcohol and other drugs 09/10/2013
BP5131.5 Vandalism 09/10/2013
BP5131.2 Bullying 09/10/2013
BP5131 Conduct 09/10/2013
BP5125.1 Release of directory information 09/10/2013
BP5125 Student records 09/10/2013
BP5124 Reporting to Parents 09/10/2013
BP5123 Promotion – Acceleration – Retention 09/10/2013
BP5122 Pupils with Exceptional Needs 09/10/2013
BP5121 Grades – Evaluation of Student Achievement 09/10/2013
BP5119 Communicable, Contagious, or Infectious Disease Control 09/10/2013
BP5115 Severance of Attendance 09/10/2013
BP5113.2 Work Permits 09/10/2013
BP5113.1 Truancy (revised) 09/10/2013
BP5113 Attendance and Excuses 09/10/2013
BP5112.31 Student Leave of Absence 09/10/2013
BP5112.2 Exclusions from Attendance 09/10/2013
BP5112.1 Exemptions from Attendance 09/10/2013
BP5111.13 Residency for Homeless Children 09/10/2013
BP5111.1 ROP Admission 09/10/2013
BP5111 Admission 09/10/2013
BP5022 Student and family privacy rights 09/10/2013
BP5020 Parental rights and Responsibilities 09/10/2013
BP5000 Concepts and Roles in Student Personnel 09/10/2013
BP4145 Post Retirement Health Benefits 09/10/2013
BP4112.2 Superintendent Salary Review 09/10/2013
BP4112.1 Termination and Re-employment of Superintendent, Cert. & Mgmt Employees 09/10/2013
BP3744 Coordinative Services for Federal Programs 09/10/2013
BP3743 Provision for Advisory Services 09/10/2013
BP3580 County Office Records 09/10/2013
BP3570 Care of County Office Records 09/10/2013
BP3560 Capital Outlay 09/10/2013
BP3542.31 Free or Reduced Price Lunches Meals for Needy Children 09/10/2013
BP3542.1 Food Service – Purposes and Facilities 09/10/2013
BP3542 Authority of School Bus Drivers 09/10/2013
BP3541.32 Special Transportation for School Related Trips 09/10/2013
BP3541.1 In Lieu of Transportation – Payment to Parents 09/10/2013
BP3541 Transportation 09/10/2013
BP3532.2 Automobile Insurance 09/10/2013
BP3532.1 Liability Insurance 09/10/2013
BP3520 Authority to Establish Data Processing Centers 09/10/2013
BP3517 Facilities Inspection 09/10/2013
BP3516 Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness Plan 09/10/2013
BP3515.6 Criminal Background Checks for Contractors 09/10/2013
BP3515.4 Recovery for property loss or damage 09/10/2013
BP3515.2 Disruptions 09/10/2013
BP3513.3 tobacco free schools 09/10/2013
BP3512 equipment 09/10/2013
BP3510 Non-instructional Operations 09/10/2013
BP3452 Student Activity Funds 09/10/2013
BP3440 inventories 09/10/2013
BP3434 Annual Audit 09/10/2013
BP3430 Investing 09/10/2013
BP3420 Controls on Expenditures- Statutory Limitations 09/10/2013
BP3410 System of Accounts 09/10/2013
BP3400 Management of County Office Assets-accounting 09/10/2013
BP3329 Appropriation for Contingencies 09/10/2013
BP3328 Expenditures Approval 09/10/2013
BP3327 Revolving Cash Fund 09/10/2013
BP3326.4 Void Warrants 09/10/2013
BP3326.2 Register of Warrants Open to Public Inspection 09/10/2013
BP3326.1 Listing of Warrants 09/10/2013
BP3324.1 Contracts 09/10/2013
BP3323 Soliciting Prices (Bids) 09/10/2013
BP3321 Requesting Goods and Services (Requisitions) 09/10/2013
BP3320 Quality of Goods and Services_Purchasing Procedures 09/10/2013
BP3314.2 County Revolving Fund 09/10/2013
BP3314 Orders, Requisitions, Warrants 09/10/2013
BP3312 Quantity Purchasing of Goods 09/10/2013
BP3302 Loans to School Districts 09/10/2013
BP3300 Expenditures from the County School Service Fund 09/10/2013
BP3300 Budget Revisions and Transfers 09/10/2013
BP3290 gifts, grants & bequests 09/10/2013
BP3280 Sale, Lease, Rental of County-owned Real Property 09/10/2013
BP3270 Sale and Disposal of books, Equipment and Supplies 09/10/2013
BP3230 Forest Reserve Funds 09/10/2013
BP3150 Budget as a Spending Plan 09/10/2013
BP3130 Adoption of Budget 09/10/2013
BP3125 Requirement for Submitting Budget of County School Service Fund to Superintendent of Public Instruction 09/10/2013
BP3123 Public Hearing on Proposed Budget 09/10/2013
BP3121 Submission of Proposed Budget to the Board and Approval 09/10/2013
BP3120.1 Other Budget Options 09/10/2013
BP3120 Contents of Budget and Itemization of Revenues and Expenditure 09/10/2013
BP3112.1 General Budget Calendar 09/09/2013
BP3112 Budget Calendar 09/09/2013
BP3100.1 Fund Balance Policy 09/09/2013
BP3000 Concept 09/09/2013
BP2500 Retention of Records 09/09/2013
BP2400 Classification of Records 09/09/2013
BP2231 Policy Regulation Development Procedure 09/09/2013
BP2131 Superintendent of Schools 09/09/2013
BP2120 Organization of the Inyo County Office of Education 09/09/2013
BP2100 Temporary County Teaching Certificates 09/09/2013
BP2000 Concept and Roles in Administration 09/09/2013
BP1651 Interdistrict Transfer Appeal Procedures 09/09/2013
BP1650 Cooperative Relations with School Districts 09/09/2013
BP1640 Colleges and Universities 09/09/2013
BP1600 Relations between Non-public & Other Educational Organizations & the Schools 09/09/2013
BP1432 Waivers of Education Code and Administrative Code, Title 5 Sections 09/09/2013
BP1420 County and Intermediate Units SPED Services Region (SESR) 09/09/2013
BP1410 Local Units 09/09/2013
BP1400 Relations between other Governmental Agencies and the Schools 09/09/2013
BP1341 Release of District Information 09/09/2013
BP1340 Access to County Office Records 09/09/2013
BP1330 School Facility Use 09/09/2013
BP1324 Soliciting Funds from and by Students 09/09/2013
BP1315 Distribution of Materials to County Programs or Personnel 09/09/2013
BP1312.5 Complaints Concerning Schools or School Districts 09/09/2013
BP1312.4 Uniform Complaint Procedures Williams Act Administration 09/09/2013
BP1312.3 Uniform Complaint Procedures 09/09/2013
BP1312.2 Complaints Concerning K-12 Instructional Materials 09/09/2013
BP1311 Handling of Controversial Issues 09/09/2013
BP1260 Educational Foundation 09/09/2013
BP1250 Visitors, Outsiders 09/09/2013
BP1240 Volunteer Assistance 09/09/2013
BP1221 Citizens Advisory Committees for the County Board 09/09/2013
BP1150 Events, Recognition, Commendations and Awards 09/09/2013
BP1113 Notification of Rights of Parent or Guardian 09/09/2013
BP1112 Public Press, Radio, and Television 09/09/2013
BP0510 School Accountability Report Card 09/09/2013
BP0500 Accountability 09/09/2013
BP0450 Comprehensive Safety Plan 09/09/2013
BP0440 District Technology Plan 09/09/2013
BP0430 Comprehensive Local Plan for Special Ed 09/09/2013
BP0410 Nondiscrimination in County Office programs & activities 09/09/2013
BP0200 Goals for the School District 09/09/2013
BP0000 Concepts & Roles 09/09/2013
Board Policy Index 09/09/2013