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The Special Education Department provides a variety of services on behalf of the districts to students with disabilities. It is an advocate to support school districts, families and agencies to assure full educational opportunities for identified students within a range of program options, including:

  • Infant & Preschool Special Day Programs
  • School Psychologist Services
  • CCARE (Catching Children At Risk Early)
  • Eastern Sierra Infant Connection
  • North Star Counseling Center
  • Community Advisory Committee
  • Interagency Collaboration Committee

In addition, the Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) is administered by ICOE on behalf of the various districts. The SELPA provides technical support for special education issues throughout Inyo County.

Inyo SELPA Local Plan 
Section A: Contact and Certifications
Section B: Governance and Administration
Section D: Annual Budget Plan
Section E: Annual Service Plan 
Local Plan Attachments 
Child Find information (pdf file)


Heather Carr, Director
Brynn Norman, Office Manager

Heather Carr – Director of our Special Education Local Plan Area & pictured:
(back left to right): Carrie Ray, Kellie McElroy, Heather Johnston, Heather Carr, Lane Dumm, Shauna Trimm, Katti Johnson, (front left to right): Sarah Franks, Brynn Norman, Vincent Miller, Tanya Scott, Elyse Morrison, Michelle Case, Shelby Dolim (not pictured: Diana Thompson-Sorric


166 Grandview Drive
Bishop, CA 93514
Phone: (760) 873-3262 Ext. 2185
Fax: (760) 873-3324