Substitute Teaching

Welcome to Inyo County!

Inyo County has a shortage of qualified substitute teachers. If you would like to work with students while maintaining the freedom to choose when and where you are willing to work, we encourage you to apply for substitute teaching in Inyo County.

The seven school districts and county office programs offer opportunities in classes from preschool to high school and include regular classrooms, vocational classes, alternative education for at-risk students and special education.

California requires a valid California teaching credential or a 30-Day Substitute Permit for substitute teaching. If you have a bachelor’s degree or higher and have passed the California Basic Skills Test (CBEST), you may apply for a 30-Day Substitute Permit and begin to work as a substitute teacher. Click here to learn more.

The Inyo County Superintendent of Schools provides a Countywide Eligibility List for Substitute Teachers to our school districts. To apply, go to and select Inyo County, then select the Inyo County Office of Education job openings and click on the Countywide Substitute Eligibility Pool.

After you have completed credential and payroll paperwork and fingerprint clearance, you will be placed on an eligibility list for substitute teaching for any of the school districts in Inyo County and we will notify each of the districts where you would like to substitute that you are eligible for employment. We will also send your paperwork on to the districts so you will only have to fill out one set of forms.

Tip: We recommend that you introduce yourself to the staff at each of the school districts as they are more likely to employ individuals they have met and gotten to know.

For more information on the CBEST exam go to

For information on California Teaching Credentials go to

If you have questions regarding the application process, call the Inyo County Superintendent of Schools Personnel and Credentials office at (760) 878-2426.

Substitute Teaching Application Packet and Forms

Substitute Teaching  Application Packet

CALSTRS Permissive Membership Form

DHS Form I-9

IRS Form W-4

Request For LIVE SCAN

TB Testing Form