Adult Education Program

“Opening doors for adult learners to achieve their dreams and goals.”

The ICOE Adult Education Program is now open by appointment.
You can register now for the fall semester. 
To register for the High School Diploma Program or Adult Basic Education, please fill out this form.  
For English as a Second/Other Language class, please fill out this form
We look forward to seeing you in August. 

The ICOE Adult Education Program staff strives to provide outstanding educational courses and options that prepare our students to take control of their future. Whether you’re pursuing a high school diploma or GED, need help mastering English, want to improve your job skills or transition to community college, our Adult Education program will help you accomplish your dreams and goals.

The Inyo County Adult Education Program is now enrolling students for our High School Diploma Program! 


George Lozito Conference Center

166 Grandview Dr. Bishop, CA 93514

If interested, please email or call to schedule an appointment with us!


Phone: 760-299-5959


The High School Diploma Program 

This program is for adults 18 and over who seek to obtain their High School Diploma. Choose from a variety of course offerings and come in at your own convenience. You will work one-on-one with our instructors to get the support you need to complete your coursework and receive your diploma. Courses are online, so students are free to work at home and at their own pace. 

*Our curriculum is approved by the State of California. 

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California Adult Education Program Information:


What to expect at your appointment: 

You will meet with one of our teachers to talk about your goals, needs, and schedules. We are flexible and want to get you the support you need to earn your high school diploma. 

At that first meeting, you will also:

  1. Fill out a registration form, or do it ahead of time by filling out this google form
  2. Sign a transcript release form, or call your previous high school ahead of time and bring it in for your meeting (this can help get you enrolled in classes even faster!)
  3. Optional for first meeting: Take a placement test 
  4. Learn how to access our online curriculum

Please allow for a minimum of 30 minutes for an intake meeting, and two hours if you plan to take the pre-test that day.


What is the difference between a GED and a High School Diploma?

Both GED and high school diplomas show prospective colleges and employers that you can apply academic skills according to current high school standards. Although a GED is a high school equivalency diploma, many people still view a high school diploma as superior to the GED.


A major difference between a GED and high school diploma is where they are accepted. Prestigious 4-year colleges/universities do not accept a GED in place of a high school diploma. But almost all community colleges welcome GED holders. Technical schools and 2-year programs also regard a GED diploma as satisfactory for admission.


Another difference between diploma types can be seen in the employment field. All employers accept a high school diploma, but not all will embrace a GED. Certain employers will not hire GED graduates, so research company policy before sending in a resume.

English as a Second Language Class 

We offer beginner and intermediate level classes for English Language Learners. Classes have a friendly atmosphere, with time for conversing with peers and teachers as well as computer practice. This semester, classes will be virtual. If computers are a challenge for you, still contact us and we can assist you.
To register, please fill out this form:
For more information, please contact us.

Ofrecemos clases de nivel principiante e intermedio para estudiantes del idioma inglés. Las clases tienen un ambiente agradable, con tiempo para conversar con compañeros y profesores, así como para practicar con la computadora. Este semestre, las clases serán virtuales. Si las computadoras son un desafío para usted, contáctenos y podemos ayudarlo.

Adult Basic Education

This program follows the same format as our High School Diploma program. This class is designed to help students who have surpassed the content of our ESL class but are not quite ready for the High School Diploma program or to help high school graduates improve the basic skills they need to be successful in community college.  It can also be helpful practice for adults returning to school after many years.


*All programs are free for Inyo County residents over 18 years of old